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​Kira Gaudynski

Writing Samples

Neo-Futurist 2 Minute Plays

What is Neo Futurism? In regards to theatre, it is a style of performance that embodies honesty, truth and task onstage, brevity, transformation, and acknowledgment of the performance. These plays were created by me to be performed by me (and sometimes others) based on my real life. In them I do not play a character. I am always myself, and you the audience always know that it is a Neo-Futurist play. These were created to be a part of an Infinite Wrench style production based on the long running late night show at The Neo- Futurist theatre where the ensemble performs 30 plays in 60 minutes.

Latte Art Throwdown or What Chicago Baristas Do For Fun

Instructions For The End Of The World

Flu Season

Play Script


A one act written for the Quarantine Bake Off playwriting submission during lockdown of spring 2020.

Renaissance Faire Script Samples

Queen Elizabeth Speeches

Written in Elizabethan English addressing the people of England.

The Untold Stories Of The Witches Of Oz

A parody of the musical Wicked

performed as part of the 2019 Disasterpiece Theatre season at the PA Renaissance Faire. I served as head writer of the collaborative writers room.


Scene Sample

A scene written in Elizabethan English between two major characters as they face off at the Queen's court.

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