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​Kira Gaudynski

Slated to be born a Cancer, Kira took hold of her own fate and arrived into this world a full five weeks early as a Gemini. That drive has not subsided since. In fact, that ambition is what led her to start a professional theatre company in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI at the age of 17 before she fully understood what budgets and capitalism were (both a blessing and a curse.)


Kira proceeded to attend Cornell College in Mt. Vernon Iowa, where once again she decided to do things her way and pursue an individualized degree; a Bachelor of Special Studies in Theatre and Vocal Performance, with a sprinkle of puppetry. She has recently completed her second unique degree through Rose Bruford College in London in collaboration with The National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre Center in Connecticut where she recieved an MFA in International Theatre Practice and Performance.

Kira has worked as a theatre professional in many capacities throughout Chicago and regionally in the US. Such experiences include: a national theatre for young audiences tour of Calculus! The Musical, a creepy puppet haunted house produced by Rough House in the basement of Chicago's Chopin Theatre, and a four month stint improvising in Elizabethan English, frolicking in the sun, and delivering bad puns at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Her current professional adventures have brought her to London where she is a freelance actor, director, acting coach, and educator.

As an actor, Kira is meticulous about achieving an intelligent, truthful sense of play. As a director, she is committed to synthesizing the ideas and skills of the artists around her in order to create vibrant, dynamic, and heartfelt storytelling on stage. As a puppeteer, Kira is driven to spark that youthful sense of wonder and magic back into audience's lives. And as an acting coach, she is passionate about empowering artists to embrace their individual uniqueness and find a sense of ease in their work that allows them to confidently move forward in their life and careers.

Kira is a self-propelled theatremaking, coffee geeking, ukulele playing, collage crafting, tree hugging actor and artist. Through her superpower of friendship she seeks to collaborate, create, coach and inspire.


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